How to prevent your sterling silver jewelry from being oxidized

How to prevent it from being oxidized


  • If you want to make the newly bought silver jewelry more bright and avoid its discoloration, you can apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish on its surface, and later every ten days.
  • To remove nail polish, soak it in banana oil and wash it with water.
  • Avoid putting it together with hairspray, perfume, and skin care products, as this will reduce its shiness.
  • When bathing, swimming and laundry, silver jewelry should be removed in order to prevent it from encountering alkaline products.
  • Prevent discoloration and deterioration caused by long-term contact with sulfur and its compounds.
  • When exercising or doing physical work, you should try to avoid wearing it, otherwise it will easily cause the jewelry to be deformed or broken or lost.
  • Avoid putting multiple pieces of jewelry together, because their hardness is different, they should be stored in separate compartments (Like a PE bag, we gift it in the package) after use, so as to avoid friction and scratches and affect the texture.
  • Some medicines can have a chemical reaction on silver jewelry and make the jewelry deteriorate, so you should be extra careful when touching the medicine.

In addition, because some silver jewelry is mixed with some amphibole, glitter, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning after each use. It is not enough to wash the glitter or amphibole on the body with water, because these products are mostly made of waterproof and anti-sweat materials. Therefore, if you want to thoroughly clean the traces left by glitter and amphibole, you must choose the correct method.

What should I do if my silver jewelry turns black


  • You can take it to a jewelry store for cleaning and polishing, and the silver jewelry will look brand new.
  • If the oxidation is not serious, you can also use a soft brush with toothpaste to wash it, and dry it with a cotton cloth after washing.
  • There is a kind of silver polishing cloth on the market. ( We will put a piece of silver polish cloth and a silver cleaning bar in the package, use them to care your jewelry ), you can easily polish silver jewelry, but it is limited to silver jewelry with a certain hardness and smoothness.
  • If it is a soft necklace or carved jewelry with hollows, it is best to soak it in silver jewelry cleaning solution, and place the silver jewelry in 90° alcohol immersion 12 hours, wipe it off and blow dry.

With these methods, you can ealisy wear your beautiful silver jewelry everyday.

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